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Used Concession Equipment 4
Cappuccino Machines16
Coffee Equipment15
Cotton Candy Machines15
Donut / Doughnut Equipment7
Frozen Drink Machines7
Hot Dog Equipment13
Ice Cream Equipment15
Kettle Corn Equipment8
Pizza and Pretzel Equipment18
Popcorn Machines12
Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machines10
Other Equipment25
Used Concession Trailers 3
Barbeque Trailers22
Coffee & Cappuccino Trailers14
Cotton Candy Trailers22
Donut / Doughnut Trailers9
Funnel Cake Trailers21
Ice Cream & Snow Cone Trailers9
Kettle Corn Trailers12
Pizza Trailers11
Other Trailers21
Used Food Vending Carts 1
Coffee Vending Carts18
Used Food Vending Carts continued
Hot Dog Vending Carts13
Ice Cream Vending Carts11
Italian Ice Vending Carts15
Other Vending Carts24
Used Food Kiosks
Coffee & Cappuccino Kiosks22
Donut / Doughnut Kiosks19
Hot Dog Kiosks13
Ice Cream Kiosks10
Other Food Kiosks24
Shaved Ice Snow Cone Kiosks22
Huge BBQ Smoker trailer Huge BBQ Smoker Trailer $6,500.00Southlake, TX Oct 16th
Humongous Smoker trailer. Great for a full-time business. Priced to steal! Smoker in good shape, just needs cleaned.…
Fiesta Mexicali Fiesta Mexicali $70,000.00Utica, NY Aug 19th
1997 Chevy Grumman 158,000 miles Currently Serving Authentic Mexican Cuisine 5Ft Griddle 35-40 # Fryer 4ft True…
Roasted cinnamon nuts mobile carts/bussines Roasted Cinnamon Nuts Mobile Carts/bussines $22,000.00Atlanta, GA Aug 17th
Complete roasted cinnamon almonds & pecans business for sale! This is a ready to go with business and will come with…
Ice Cream Cart Ice Cream Cart $1,100.00Borden, IN Jul 25th
Great money maker. Ice cream cart on wheels with 12 inch thick saltwater filled walls to keep ice cream froze 10-12…
Italian Foods Concessions - Deep Fried Meatballs Italian Foods Concessions - Deep Fried Meatballs $15,000.00Parma Heights, OH Jul 15th
Recently Refurbished New Ext Lighting Package New Graphic 4 Deck LP Stone Oven Post Mix Fountain System BIB 2 Gold…
Deep Fryer Toastmaster Double Table top Deep Fryer Toastmaster Double Table Top $195.00Antlers, OK Feb 3rd
This deep fryer came with a trailer we purchased, but will not need it. It is in good condition, nsf approved, cleaned…
Southern Snow * Great Condition! Southern Snow * Great Condition! $1,500.00Antlers, OK Feb 3rd
This machine is like new and well cared for. It is in Excellent condition, has new blades, and comes with its drain…
Large Castle Funnel Cake/Donut Fryer Large Castle Funnel Cake/Donut Fryer $1,800.00Antlers, OK Feb 3rd
Gently used Castle flat bottom funnel cake fryer. Takes propane, great for frying anything anywhere! This fryer is in…

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